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Simply put, Your personal brand and your company’s brand page on the world’s largest social media platform should be a priority for every business. Business to Business Marketing (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) strategy across both your personal and brand page requires an in-depth approach. If you understand the impact LinkedIn can have on your brand, congratulations! For the rest of you consider this:

In 2023, content marketing trends are shifting toward a better content experience by being part and parcel of the consumers’ universe. We align your content marketing strategy in this direction by creating content that achieves more interactions and enhances your company’s overall image and customer loyalty.

Content experience (CX) is another critical trend shaping the content marketing industry. And it’s a well-known fact that customer preferences keep changing – whether by search content type or how content is presented to them. For your brand to effectively leverage this now and for the future, we must stay engaged and connect with our consumers where they congregate. And keenly listen to your customer voice to develop a better and all-around content experience.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Managed Solution

Creating a Business Page is a great first step.  Keeping it going with content your audience wants is the often the hardest part, unless you have a plan. Your LinkedIn social media strategy should include answers to:

What is the goal of your LinkedIn Page? (Heads up-this may be different from your overall social media goals.)What will you use your Page for? Recruiting? Lead generation? Or is this “techy” industry stuff that doesn’t perform as well on Instagram or Facebook?

Lastly, consider if you are going to advertise. What is your LinkedIn ads budget? What are your competitors doing on LinkedIn, and how can you create better content?

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LinkedIn Personal Brand Optimization
Linkedin makes it easy to show professional proof, benefitting your personal brand right from your profile. Each area contains content opportunities, critical for your PB (personal brand). We’ll optimize your profile so you shine brightest amongst your competition.
LinkedIn Company Brand Page Optimization

Social media platforms allow businesses to communicate with customers during an emergency, highlight products and services, and even get real insight from customers about expectations, wants, and needs. LinkedIn is certainly no exception to this.

The employment-oriented platform provides a professional atmosphere for many business operations including hiring, internal communication, and industry-related groups for information, events, and more.

However, all of these perks mean nothing if customers can’t find the business in the first place. Or, if there isn’t enough information on the profile and a user loses interest – or the ability to learn what it needs about the company, the messaging really could be all for naught. There are a bunch of different ways that not having a LinkedIn profile could potentially hurt your business. But the biggest reason for having one is the potential it creates for new business leads, partnerships, and opportunities that brands may just not find elsewhere.

We’ll optimize your business profile so you shine brightest amongst your competition and even increase your organic SEO for your brand website! 

How is that for a win-win?

“Simplifying customer experiences and enabling the outcomes and experiences those customers want. To do that, we must evolve from being masters of the pipeline to becoming customer evangelists.”  Jason Hively CoFounder & Chief Brand Strategist- InTune

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