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Digital Advertising

The landscape of digital advertising is having a moment. Say goodbye to 3rd party data and move towards a COOKIE-LESS experience online. There has been a major push for better consumer privacy protection in the last few years. Or at least more transparency about what information companies are collecting about users.

We believe (backed by data) this helps make the internet a better experience for consumers while reigning in the third-party data exchanges that cultivate and sell your data. It is more important than ever to have an expert in your corner when you’re ready to advertise on the web.

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YouTube Ads

Allow you to pay to reach YouTube viewers. While you can create ads in Google Ads for YouTube, you can also go directly to YouTube. YouTube ads do require you to start a channel, so you need to create a business account if you don’t already have one.

YouTube ad types include

  • Bumper ads
  • Discover ads
  • Non-video ads
  • Skippable and non
  • skippable in-stream ads
LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads allow you to reach a more professional audience, making them ideal for B2B organizations or those who target business users in general.

WHY? LinkedIn boasts over 847 million users in more than 200 countries and territories across the globe (LinkedIn, 2022)

LinkedIn ads can reach users on mobile or desktop and can target users based on company title, industry, and more.

Types of ads for LinkedIn include

  • Text ads
  • Lead ads
  • Sponsored content
    Dynamic ads
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CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - FEB 24 2019: A woman holds Apple iPhone
Instagram Ads

Instagram is a photo-sharing app with one of the most diverse ad offerings out there. In addition to promoting posts, like on Facebook, businesses can also promote Instagram Stories, videos, and attract more followers through paid ads.

Other types of Instagram ads include- Image ads, Carousel ads, Collection ads, Explore ads, IGTV ads (long-form video), Reel ads (Short videos, similar to TikTok) even Shoppable posts. The variety of ad types and nifty targeting options make Instagram an ideal platform for almost any B2C brand or even B2B’s that understand the importance of omnichannel marketing.

Twitter Ads

If your audience is between the ages of 25 and 34, Twitter ads might be a good fit for your marketing plan. Nearly 39% of all Twitter users are between the ages of 25 and 34. Twitter offers several ad types, including

  • Promoted ads to gain traction with images, video, carousel, moment, or text ads
  • Follower ads to increase your follower number
  • Twitter Amplify, which adds ads to video content on Twitter
  • Twitter takeover, which places your brand at the top of hot conversations
  • Twitter Live ads that promote your Live videos
Portland, OR, USA - Dec 16, 2021: “What's Happening?” Twitte
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TikTok for Business

TikTok has a reputation for being for kids, but their audience might be a little older than you think. While 25 percent of TikTok users are between 10 and 19 years old, nearly 43 percent are between 20 and 39. TikTok is ideal for influencer marketing, but they also offer several direct ad types, like

  • In-feed adTop-view ads
  • Brand takeovers
  • Branded hashtags
  • Branded effects
  • Promoted
  • Video ads
Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising)
Sure, Google rules the search engine market, but Bing (aka Microsoft’s search engine) actually has a decent reach, with more than 1 BILLION visits a month. That means their ad platform can be quite effective – and it might cost less, too.
Ryazan, Russia - June 24, 2018: Microsoft Bing Search mobile app on the display of tablet PC.
Closeup of a tablet is connected to a smart TV.
Connected TV (CTV)

For many years linear TV has been the main consumption of entertainment. Users would subscribe to a cable or satellite provider that broadcasted content on a set schedule. Viewers would then have to tune in at a certain time to watch the program and saw commercials during the breaks. Seems pretty tedious, right? That’s because it WAS!

Nowadays, we can stream any media we want, when we want, with over-the-top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV). While it’s easy to get both terms confused with each other, OTT, or over-the-top, refers to the delivery of content over the internet to your TV system. This could be media delivered through streaming services or an on-demand format that does not require subscriptions to cable or satellite providers. Some of the most notable OTT services include Disney+, Netflix, HBO MAX, Prime Video, and Hulu. On the other hand, Connected TV refers to any TV that has access to the internet and can load and stream digital content.

Digital Billboards

 imagine your business advertised on giant roadside billboards in your city. Reaching a “ton” of eyeballs of possible customers and clients will be able to see your billboard. However, many business owners don’t choose roadside billboard advertising because they are expensive. This is not the case within the Digital OOH medium.

With a digital billboard, you no longer have to buy an entire billboard a month at a time. You can now purchase a time slot when your possible clients and customers will be able to see your outdoor digital billboard.   We will create brand-building, strategic, eye-catching ads and then research optimal time slots and availability when more customers can see your ads.

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