Marketing- In Harmony With Your Audience

Marketing, Advertising & Technology Strategy and Implementation, in harmony with your audience. Because a strategy based on the whole customer journey is stronger than strategies based on channels in isolation and having a fragmented digital marketing strategy is no longer optional: It’s time to be InTune.

Allocating Your Marketing Budget is Hard

Expanding Channels

With an overwhelming number of platforms from which to choose, how do you decide where to allocate spend?

Tech Silos

When your platforms don’t talk to one another, how can you effectively optimize across channels?

Measuring ROI

With so many plates to keep spinning, how do you know which ones are growing your business?

InTune Can Help

You know that feeling? You’re at the perfect concert event, The evening air is full of anticipation as the band takes the stage.
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Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising
The landscape of digital advertising is having a moment. Say goodbye to 3rd party data and move towards a COOKIE-LESS experience online. There has been a major push for better consumer privacy protection in the last few years. Or at least more transparency about what information companies are collecting about users.
Simply put, Your personal brand and your company’s brand page on the world’s largest social media platform should be a priority for every business. Business to Business Marketing (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) strategy across both your personal and brand page requires an in-depth approach. If you understand the impact LinkedIn can have on your brand, congratulations! For the rest of you consider this:
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Whether your Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) or Direct to Consumer(DTC), engaging with your audience during the customer journey requires a targeted approach. Of course, you think of social media first, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Let’s dive in
Go-to-Market Consultation
You are on an entrepreneurial mission to save the world! Well…maybe not such high aspirations but definitely feel like you’ve got the chops, you’re hungry and ready to roll out your product or services. This is a defining moment in road-mapping your success. Don’t miss this all-important opportunity to give yourself the best chance to succeed
Go to Market
Google Business Page
Google Business Page
Google Business Page (GBP) or what used to be called Google My Business (GMB) is no longer optional — it’s truly an essential part of any business’s online presence and often the first place customers look for up-to-date information about your company. From being one of the leading website traffic contributors to businesses to being the most highly engaged business marketing site, Google My Business should not be skipped by any business owner. Did we mention organic SEO boost for your website too? We assess, optimize and manage your GBP presence. Contact us today to get started!
Presentation Design
In a Visual Presentation, be it Powerpoint, Google Slides, or the like, There is a keen balance between graphical display and effective copy. Combine that with the millions of data points we now know about our human ability to retain key details and your tying into the holy grail of effective presentations. We need to prime the brain for a decision and we do this by putting data in context, using repetition wisely and tapping into the viewers’ semantic memory by keeping themes consistent. And about a dozen or so other key points. Sounds easy right? Tell us about your project and mission below
Web Development
Website Development
How well does your website tell the Brand Story that causes people to choose your company over your competition? The holy grail is providing a Customer Experience (CX) that is easy to navigate and prides content in a manner that is understandable and speaks to solving the consumer pain point or provides a moment like “I must have this”.

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